Sidekick Prototypes

Debuting in 2013, Sidekick was Omni Retail Group’s flagship app for in-store purchase assistance. Companies could license the software for kiosks/tablets and empower their sales staff with a proven way to make meaningful product recommendations. I led the design effort to create a customizable user experience that helped consumers make sense of a vast array of product offerings. We created prototypes for The Home Depot, Best Buy, Staples, Moosejaw, Toys R Us, HP, Costco, and other retailers.

I designed this tablet app to be used by sales staff at Staples as they were assisting customers in shopping for digital cameras. The main challenge was in creating an interactive experience that would allow the sales staff to be present with the customer in a face-to-face interaction. It also integrated with a CRM system that kept track of these customer interactions and supported various customer touch points along the purchase path.


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