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Starbucks UX Strategy/Research/Design

In early 2018, Starbucks was planning fundamental changes to its loyalty program which would affect all customers and store employees. The program would go from a simple model where customers could redeem 125 stars for anything on the menu, to a tiered model where customers could redeem at 5 different star levels.

The added complexity would have wide reaching impacts: even hindering the transaction time by 30 seconds could increase line length and cause many customers to balk. Working with the Marketing team, Operations team, and Point of Sale team, I helped guide the research and design process to craft a Point of Sale experience that would help to educate baristas and customers about the new program, while keeping transaction time as streamlined as possible.




We needed to make updates to the Point of Sale user interface used on a daily basis by over 200,000 employees at Starbucks stores in North America. But first, we needed a plan for how to approach making the updates as unobtrusive as possible.


I provided UX Strategy, integrated by the Point of Sale, Marketing, and Operations teams. I also conducted field research behind the counter in four Starbucks stores, created journey maps for two personas, in-depth user flows, and UI prototypes that led to three rounds of usability testing. After handing off the designs to development, I designed and produced the company’s first interactive iPad training program to prepare store employees for the Point of Sale changes to come.


12 months


  • Starbucks was positioned to understand how certain changes will affect customer transaction time and line speed.
  • The company has a solid plan to transition the UI of the Point of Sale registers to a new user flow over the course of 3 months.
  • By program launch, the training materials had over 120K views.

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