Gates Foundation Touchscreen Controller

In order to accommodate the shift to Teams meetings at the foundation, all conference rooms on the Seattle campus and in international offices would need their Crestron touchscreen tablets to be updated.

Soon after arriving at the Gates Foundation, I had the opportunity to redesign the UI for these Crestron touchscreens, which would be a part of a phased rollout in 2019-2020. I collaborated with two engineers and a service owner to design and build the new functionality.

My process

  • Job shadows (Observed an AV engineer and an Event Planner use the existing hardware to prepare for meetings)
  • Tech exploration (Became familiar with the configuration of the conference rooms on the Seattle campus
  • User flow, wireframe & prototype (Planned out all the required elements of the user experience)
  • Visual design (Built a cohesive visual system which extended the existing styling of the Teams meeting rooms)
  • User interviews (Spoke with Seattle AV technicians and the India office support team to get feedback on the new design in prototype format)

Then the pandemic happened and nobody was using the Conference Rooms at all!

  • The buildout occurred remotely, with technicians occasionally visiting the Seattle campus to install the software
  • Although the project shipped, it may be a while before we can learn how effective the devices are in context of how meetings are run in the future

Conference Center User Flow

User flow of the Conference Center touchscreen

Production components for developer handoff


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