I’m a Seattle-based designer who sees creative opportunities everywhere. As an artist, I get inspired by life’s flotsam, and like to arrange random parts in unexpected ways. As a designer, one of my goals is to simplify the needlessly complex information that pervades our world. For example, this paragraph used to be much longer.

Frequently asked questions

Are you available to take on new work?

Pretty soon. My schedule opens up in October 2017.

Can I hire you?

Yes, if the right opportunity comes along. Over the years I have acted as a sort of pressure valve for several design firms that need extra help on projects. (Everything from last-minute firefights, to strategic planning, to longer-term design contracts) A freelance role seems to be where I fit best, but I would certainly consider any other opportunities that may arise.

Can I pay you in something other than money?

I sometimes take on pro bono work. Currently those slots are full, but¬†let’s talk¬†about what you have in mind. I also might consider a barter arrangement if you happen to be a personal chef, landscaper, welder, mechanical engineer or household handyperson.

How can I find out what other stuff you have in the works?

Here is my “Play” site.


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